• Jackie Melesio

DonutDiet2019-NewYears 2019 resolution-Eat more healthy baked protein donuts from The Muscle Donut

New years resolution for 2019: EAT MORE #DONUTS! That's right, eat more baked, #protein donuts from THE MUSCLE DONUT. No need to quit eating donuts, just replace regular fried greasy donuts with our healthier version. No oils, low fat, 10G protein, #baked and they are #glutenfree

!! It's a great way to still enjoy your donut #diet in 2019! So go ahead, don't check off donuts, add The Muscle Donut to your diet! You'll be glad you did! Visit www.themuscledonut.com to order mixes, pans, kits and stay updated on our newest #flavors! Tell your #friends, #family, #coworkers and even your local #grocery store grocery managers to request The Muscle Donut in your stores! Let's all enjoy 2019 with The Muscle Donut diet!


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