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It’s Baker Week!

Hello everyone! We hope you are all doing well, staying healthy, safe & remaing hopeful!

We know that these are tough times and being quarantined is no fun!

But all the fun starts in the kitchen! It’s where families come together! It’s where your imagination can turn into your wildest creation!

Our Gluten free flour blend allows you to make rolls, breads, and even dumplings to add to your soups! Try making breadsticks too! Baking is a great way To even get your husband involved with baking, especially the donut Too with The Muscle Donut Mix! Top with peanut butter, almond butter or try hazelnut spread! It’s a tasty treat!

The possibilities are endless when you purchase a 5lb Gluten Free flour bag. It’s a great value and 1 to 1 ratio to have nice texture!

Time to master your baking skills, get the family involved or start a new skill in the kitchen. Either way you “slice” it or bake it, Magic happens in the kitchen!

Please visit us our website to see what flours you can use your creativity for fun in your kitchen today 👉 www.themuscledonut.com Have a great bakers week ahead! We wish you all safety, health and happiness during this time! Take care fam!



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