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While there are several approaches to improving overall health, 1. Diet and 2. exercise are the targets of any changes.

It’s important to encourage all men in our lives to get regular checkups and be aware of the risks for their age, ethnicity, and lifestyle. 

If men are more active and choose healthy foods to consume, eating a diet high in protein with www.themuscledonut.com gluten free, protein donut, pancake & waffle mixes are always a great choice. The Keto waffle/pancake mix is another great option.

Clean ingredients , no artificial flavors, or no artificial sweeteners , no preservatives. Father’s Day is coming up & will make for great gifts.

Getting outside, and soaking up more sun will boost your immune system. And much needed vitamin D. If men are new to exercising, a simple brisk 10-15 minute walk will do wonders! Stay positive and be healthy mind, body & spirit. Take camping trips together as family activities and going for a hike or bike ride in the mountain Trails will help stay in shape too!

Lets all enjoy this month, have everyone to Encourage eachother and remember men, to stay active.

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