• Jackie Melesio

KETO cupcakes now available on Amazon!!!

Hello Cupcake family! Hope you are all enjoying you day. It’s a nice sunny day here in Boise, Idaho. How’s the weather in your area?

We are excited to let our customers know you can now order the KETO cupcakes from AMAZON in plain chocolate and vanilla. Even plain they are delicious! AMAZON offers 2 day shipping and we are excited to get these delicious, healthy, gluten free, grain free, no preservatives or artificial flavored KETO cupcakes shipped to your door. You can also order them directly from our website as well. If you know anyone that needs healthy KETO treats like our cupcakes, let them know who we are! We appreciate all your referrals and couldn’t do this business without you guys! Donut forget to follow us on our socials on You tube, IG & Facebook. When you subscribe to our list or anyone new, you get 10% off your first order from our website! Thanks so much! Have a healthy and happy day 💪 🍰 #keto #amazon #cupcakes #fitness #healthy #desserts #fitfood

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